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Welcome to! I started this website back in 2016 to document everything I had been learning about migrating and transforming customers from legacy on-premises Windows Server technology to more modern, cloud-based services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory.

Back then, I wasn’t entirely sure if anyone was ever going to find my writings, let alone find them useful. But at least they would be useful to me and my team (after all, how else were we supposed to keep track of all the fast-paced changes in the cloud?). Now fast forward: today my blog, courses, and eBooks reach thousands of IT consultants in the SMB space all over the world. We even have a community called Square One where folks like us get together to share knowledge and experiences, and swap stories.

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Latest Microsoft Cloud Blog Posts

Microsoft Entra Private Access

Global Secure Access for the SMB, Part 2: Private Access

I have previously written about Microsoft’s Global Secure Access for the SMB.... read more
Personal vs. Company owned devices

Should I allow personal laptops or stick with company owned?

Today's post is based on a reader question. Hey Alex, I am trying to figure out how... read more
Updated Intune Scripts and a Security Profile for the SMB

Updated Intune Scripts and a Security Profile for the SMB

Some years ago, Microsoft published a repo on GitHub describing how to... read more
Global Secure Access for the SMB

Global Secure Access: Is it for the SMB?

A couple of months ago, I presented a session on Microsoft Entra's Global Secure Access... read more
Multi-tenant 365

My Favorite Multi-tenant Tools for Microsoft 365 Cloud

Today I want to address something that Managed Services Providers in particular struggle with daily.... read more
Cross-Tenant Access Restrictions

Understanding Cross-Tenant Access Settings: Inbound & Outbound Settings Vs. Tenant Restrictions

Before we dive headfirst into the Cross-Tenant Access Settings including the new Tenant Restrictions, let... read more
Announcing the CIS Controls Course

Happy Holidays, and a New Course

Hey everyone, I just wanted to send out a quick note about the new course... read more
Don't take Zero Trust too literally

Try not to take Zero Trust too literally

The world of modern medicine uses this term “minimal effective dose” or MED. The idea... read more
Adopting the Traffic Light Protocol with Sensitivity Labels

Adopting the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) with Microsoft 365’s Sensitivity Labels

I have previously written about Sensitivity labels, along with a read more
The Underwhelming MAM for Edge

The Underwhelming MAM for Edge and What Else We Can Do

A while back I had written about a solution that I have been anxiously awaiting... read more
Hybrid Azure AD Join or not?

Should I use Hybrid Azure AD Join or not?

I consulted with an MSP recently about one of their larger customers, and whether or... read more
Can Windows 365 be a PAW?

Can I use Windows 365 as a Privileged Access Workstation?

It has been a while since we did a question from a reader. This one... read more
SquareOne - Our Microsoft Cloud Peer Group

SquareOne - Our Microsoft Cloud Peer Group

Square One is all about getting back to the basics. My long-time fans and readers out there asked for it, so I delivered: a community for people focused on Microsoft cloud technology in the SMB space.

This membership includes access to our monthly gatherings, Teams channels in the tenant, and of course, access to a library of resources including courses, eBooks, and other written guides and materials which are designed to help you help others.

A huge Thank You to all the folks who encouraged me to start this Practice Development peer group; it was indeed a Great Idea. For those of you who are new to the community, I hope to see you on the inside soon!

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