My name is Alex Fields; I have been a small business owner and small business employee for literally all of my adult life, and have been serving the SMB community as a technology adviser for over 15 years.

I founded ITProMentor.com early in 2016 after many years of procrastination. Blogs have long been a tremendous source of help and inspiration to me, and I wanted to contribute my own voice to the great dialogue that is technology. (Not to mention: it is also nice to have a searchable archive of notes for myself and my colleagues to use as a reference.)

The opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily reflective of the opinions of SUCCESS or of any other companies or employers featured on this website. See my disclaimer page for more information.

You are welcome to use the contact page to reach me with your questions and comments. I am also happy to offer help to other professionals with their IT business goals, assessments and other services. Again, you may contact me for more information.