Alex Fields - ITProMentor

Hi, my name is Alex Fields. I have been both a small business employee and a small business owner for literally all of my adult life, and have been serving the SMB community as a technology adviser for over 15 years. 

I started ITProMentor.com back in 2016 to document everything I had been learning about migrating and transforming customers from legacy on-premises Windows Server technology to more modern, cloud-based services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. 

Like most things Microsoft, the majority of the documentation online was directed at an Enterprise audience, and parsing out the essentials for those of us in the SMB space wasn’t always easy. I wanted to help my fellow IT warriors who were out there on the front lines make sense of it all, so they could more effectively serve their small and medium-sized business customers. 

Back when I started, I wasn’t entirely sure if anyone was ever going to find my writings, let alone find them useful. But at least they would be useful to me and my team! After all, how else were we supposed to keep track of all the fast-paced changes in the cloud? Now fast forward: today my blog, courses, and eBooks reach thousands of IT consultants in the SMB space all over the world. We even have a community called SquareOne where folks like us get together to share knowledge and experiences, and swap stories.

Helping IT Consultants Succeed in the Microsoft Cloud

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