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Our SquareOne Practice Development group is all about getting back to the basics. My long-time fans and readers out there asked for it, so I delivered: a community for people focused on Microsoft cloud technology in the SMB space.

This membership includes attendance at our monthly gatherings, Teams channels in the tenant, and access to a library of resources including courses, eBooks, and other written guides and materials which are designed to help you help others.

Note: The point of the peer group is to participate in the group–come to the sessions, discussions, etc. If that does not describe your interests, then do not sign up for the group. If you still want access to the content (without group participation), then the best way for you to support the site is to purchase the materials you want from the store. Thanks!

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Membership renewal is every 6 months or annual. A discount is automatically applied for annual subscription.

More about the Membership

We meet throughout the year, and each quarter we will plan to hold space for:

  • One formal presentation/instruction (topics driven by the group)
  • One informal community gathering and discussion
  • One “guest presenter” either from the community or a vendor

We usually provide two options for attendance to catch different time zones around the world. All sessions are recorded and posted to the library in case you aren’t able to make it.

As a member, you will also have perpetual access to our Microsoft Teams channels, and access to all the items in the library (including all of the items available for sale in the Store).

If you live in a developing country where the currency exchange rates are disproportionate to the US, Europe, Australia, etc. please do not feel as though you are barred from access to this community. Reach out via the Contact page, and we will get you taken care of. This is part of our commitment to the global community, and our annual giving program. So do not be shy to reach out and ask!

A huge Thank You to all the folks who encouraged me to start this Practice Development peer group; it was indeed a Great Idea. For those of you who are new to the community, I hope to see you on the inside soon!

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