Data Migration to Microsoft 365


How to (properly) migrate on-premises datasets to the cloud

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Modern migrations require attention on three fronts: technical (that’s your work), governance (organizational work), and user adoption (personal). In this course we will describe how you must approach your projects from all three sides in order to have a successful migration and deliver a customer-satisfying experience. Included in the course:

  • Recorded lectures:
    • What do successful migrations look like?
    • Personal success
    • Organizational success
    • Planning for Application Governance
    • Customizing Teams
    • Planning for Data Governance
    • Technical success
    • Migrating identities
    • Email migrations
    • Security must-do’s
    • File server migrations
  • Labs:
    • Prepare Unified audit log + Alerts
    • Prepare for Enterprise Apps
    • Prepare for Microsoft 365 Groups
    • Prepare Exchange Online
    • Prepare OneDrive and SharePoint
    • Prepare Teams
    • Create the org’s first Teams and Sites
  • Other downloadables:
    • PPTX deck
    • Governance planning workbook
    • Project Statements of Work