Migrating to Azure AD


Understanding the move to Azure AD from a legacy Active Directory domain (on-premises)

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In this course we will discuss the migration paths from legacy Active Directory environments, and some key considerations. For example, how does the move to Azure AD fit in with the bigger picture of migrating all our other apps and services to the cloud? Included with this course:

  • Recorded lectures:
    • Understanding the shift to Azure AD
    • Connections to Azure AD
    • Azure AD Editions + Licensing
    • Onboarding users
    • Groups (deprogramming)
    • Security groups: best practices
    • Onboarding devices
    • Onboarding Enterprise Apps
    • Conditional Access
    • Typical migration path
  • Labs for practice
    • Set up Azure AD Connect with custom settings
    • Configure Self-service password reset
    • MFA via Conditional Access
    • Making exclusions based on location
    • Manage license assignments with a security group
    • Restrict Azure AD Join and Autoenrollment to licensed users
    • Set up Dropbox for SSO with Azure AD
    • Enable Admin consent for applications
    • Hybrid Azure AD Join
    • Azure AD Join
    • Conditional Access for Windows PCs
  • Other downloadables:
    • PPTX deck
    • End user communications
    • Statements of Work