Microsoft Sentinel + Azure Lighthouse


Microsoft Sentinel paired with Azure Lighthouse is the SIEM/SOAR solution of choice for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), especially since there is no charge for data ingestion from Microsoft data sources. Come to this course to learn more.

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Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-based SIEM/SOAR solution that allows you to ingest audit log data from Microsoft 365 as well as many other sources, and then analyze and alert on that data. Azure Lighthouse is a separate product that allows you to see multiple Customer subscriptions from your Microsoft Partner tenant. Putting these two technologies together could be the building blocks for a Managed Security Services offering.

Course contents:

  • Lectures:
    • The core functions
    • Microsoft Sentinel (SIEM) vs. Microsoft 365 Defender (XDR)
    • Costs & Billing
    • How to set up Lighthouse
  • Downloadables:
    • PPTX deck