Microsoft Intune


Modern management of mobile devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

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Microsoft Intune (formerly Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and formerly Intune before that–Microsoft just can’t make up their minds). Call it what you want, it is undoubtedly the future of device management for enterprises both large and small. This is two courses in one!

  • Personal mobile devices:
    • MAM for iOS & Android
    • Troubleshooting MAM
    • Preparing for MDM
    • MDM policies & precedence
    • Other settings and features
    • Terms of Use
    • Labs for mobile devices:
      • Prepare for BOYD enrollment
      • Configure MDM for iOS & Android
      • Migrating from Android Device Administrator to Android Enterprise
      • Deploy apps to Android Enterprise
      • Deploy apps to iOS devices
      • Configure MAM policies
      • Configure app settings for Outlook
  • Managing Windows devices:
    • Why manage devices?
    • Personal (BYOD) Windows devices
    • Forcing a sync with Intune
    • Company-owned Windows devices
    • Migration from Hybrid Join to Azure AD Join
    • Additional labs for Windows devices:
      • Configure Time Zone settings using Settings catalog
      • Deploy 3rd party software package: 7-zip
      • Customize Office apps: Settings for macros
      • Configure Hybrid Azure AD Join
  • Other downloadables:
    • PPTX deck
    • Customer-facing documents
    • Project statements of work
    • And more!